Planning A Charity Fund Raising Ceilidh?

Barn dances are not only excellent fun as a social evening for all regardless of age or ability, but also a great opportunity for you to raise funds for your club or society. Whether you are a charity, community group, school, PTFA, club or society we can help you raise funds for your really special cause. We can provide help and guidance with organisation, fund raising and publicity – just ask! But to get you started here are a few things to bear in mind: One of the most important factors when setting up fund raising events is the ability to repeat the event on a regular basis. It is really important that participants have a great time. We can also help with your fundraising by the use of games during the event. We work with you to create a feel good factor, which can really help you make more money. Remember do the sums. What is the cost per ticket x the number of people attending? How much for a single ticket – how much for a family? Then ask your self: Is the event purely a fundraiser or is it a social event with a fundraising element? How many people will attend? Do you have to hire a hall? Will you be providing food if so what is the cost? Is it included in the ticket price? What is the cost of the entertainment? Do you want to decorate the hall? Will you be selling drinks? Remember more formal events can generate greater income. Do you have support from friends and colleagues? How will you advertise the event? Fund raising events should be really good fun.