Q. What’s your email?
A. hessleceilidhband@yahoo.co.uk

Q. Whats your phone number and who do we speak too?
A. Ring Quentin on 07877434739.
Q. How long do you play for?
A. We usually play two sets each of up to one and a half hours with a break for refreshments in the middle.

Q. Are you ever late?
A. We are always punctual!

Q. How will we know what to do?
A. We have a person known as the caller and they will explain exactly how you go about doing a dance.

Q. Are the dances difficult?
A. No we tailor the dances for the ability of the group of people we are playing for and bring as much fun into the proceedings as possible.

Q. What happens if we do the dances wrong?
A. Not getting the dances quite right is half the fun and no one minds if this happens, we laugh with you not at you.

Q. How much time do you need to set up?
A. Usually an hour though sometimes we can be quicker if required.

Q. Do you travel outside East Yorkshire to play?
A. Yes we do but we do have to charge a lot more than our local fee to do so. This is to cover the extra travel and time costs for the band.

Q. I see you have Bagpipes in the band – do you have to play them? My husband hates them!
A. Bagpipes are optional!

Q. How much do you charge?
A. We charge £600 for our 4 piece band with caller to play in East Yorkshire. This includes PA,  PAT tested equipment and insurance.

Q. Are you professional musicians?
A. All members of The Hessle Ceilidh Band are professional musicians and expert players.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. No we ask only that when you make a booking that you honour that commitment.

Q. Can I pay you by cheque?
A. Yes you can but we much prefer to be paid cash on the night of the performance.

Q. Can you play interval music for my event?
A. Yes through our PA from a cd player, laptop or ipod.

Q. Is ceilidh dancing for all the family?
A. Yes ceilidh dancing is great fun for all ages and abilities!

Q. Can you play acoustically without a PA?
A. Yes we can though we are quieter.

Q. We are planning on having a disco after the ceilidh – can we use your PA?
A. Yes you can though we do make a charge for this – usually £50

Q. Do you need a dressing room?
A. No we arrived dressed to play!

Q. Do you have a rider?
A. No we usually eat and drink with your guests.

Q. Can you do something for the children before the ceilidh?
A. Yes we can teach them some fun dances.

Q. I want to organise a really successful Ceilidh what do I need to do?
A. Check out our comprehensive guide to organising a ceilidh or barn dance

Q. What are your terms and conditions about cancellation?
A. In the event of cancellation of performance by Hessle Ceilidh Band : 4 months no charge, 3 months 25 per cent of fee, 2 months 50 per cent  of fee 1 month 100 per cent  of fee. Deposits made are non-returnable. Please note that The Hessle Ceilidh Band are members of the Musicians Union.

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