Celebrate with a Ceilidh in East Yorkshire

I’m working on a list of things to Celebrate with the Hessle Ceilidh Band in East Yorkshire

Wedding Anniversaries
Birthday Celebration
Burn’s Night
Charity Fund Raising
Student ball
Beltane or May Day
St. Andrew’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
St Georges Day
St Davids Day
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
The Olympics
Harvest festival

Here are some great reasons why you should choose a Ceilidh for your special event:

– Well firstly it’s really good clean energetic fun with a broad appeal to all age groups. The nature of a Ceilidh makes friends of strangers and is a great ice breaker! Once you’ve booked the band and explained the arrangements for the day mentioning any special announcements or musical moments that you want us to create you can relax knowing that the we can provide  provide the perfect entertainment for your special occasion.

Hessle Ceilidh Band are based in the East Riding of Yorkshire near Hull. We are a five to ten piece band including a dance caller. We have whistle, fiddles, recorders, melodeon, guitar, bass, piano, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, various percussion and sometimes shawm. Our gigs are vibrant and fun – for people who  like a good old Yorkshire knees up!

Whatever the event, be it a Ceilidh or Barn Dance we have a vast amount of music that will create the right feel good factor for your event ranging from Scottish, Irish, European, Medieval and the traditional music of England.

But the band is only half the story – the other half is the caller – the person who shouts the moves out and guides you through the dances – we are really lucky to work with an exceptional caller who is full of energy and can get people up and enjoying themselves in no time – the dances are fantastic and really help to build a party atmosphere.

Our caller knows loads of amazing dances that are really great fun – has also been known to throw in the occasional story and exceptionally funny jokes to give the dancers time to rest and catch their breath.

Can you think of anything we have missed I wonder? To contact the band email: hessleceilidhband@yahoo.co.uk  or ring Pippa on 7891 590111.

Braveheart re-enactment at Cave Castle

We did a ceilidh at Cave Castle on a Wednesday night.  It was Hull University’s Drama Department’s end of year do to see the final year students off.  They had a “Grafter’s” award ceremony, which finished just after 10pm then we were due to play… only then, tradition has it, that all the men go to the lake in the grounds of Cave Castle for a cigar.  So off they toddled leaving us with a load of women on the dance floor with no male partners to dance with.

After 20 minutes (now after 10.30pm) we decided for drastic action.  Liz got her pipes out and  I, armed with darabouka and tambourine, went to pipe the boys back up to the dance floor.

This all worked very well.  Got to the 70ish lads near the lake, Liz started piping and we started drumming and sure enough they started to follow.  About half way up the hill to the castle we realised no one was following us.  We looked back, only to see two lines of men ready to charge at each other…  then followed the Braveheart re-enactment.

A great roar ensued and the two battle lines ran at each other, Liz kept piping and we kept drumming and the two sides clashed.  After skirmishing for a few minutes they dusted their tux’s down and proceeded to be piped up to the castle and on to the dance floor.  What a laugh!