18th and 21st Birthday Party Ceilidhs and dances

A Ceilidh is a great way to celebrate at an 18th or 21st Birthday Party – it brings people together, young and old, and it is a great way to make your party a memorable and fun event – we can compere the event and even play special tunes like ‘Happy Birthday’.

Why choose a Ceilidh? – Well firstly it’s really good clean energetic fun with a broad appeal to all age groups.  The nature of a Ceilidh makes friends of strangers and is a great ice breaker!

Once you’ve booked the band and explained the arrangements for the day, mentioning any special announcements or musical moments that you want us to create, you can relax knowing that we can provide provide the perfect entertainment for your special occasion.

Ring Quentin on 07877434739 and he will advise you on availability and pricing.L67A1526