Big National Ceilidh last night for WaterAid

A massive thank you to all that came to the ceilidh and merrily danced the night away supporting the charity WaterAid as part of the Big National Ceilidh day event.  We all had a fab time and really enjoyed the night!

We had 134 (give or take 1 or 2) people dancing at 10pm to the Circassian Circle dance and the night raised £670 for WaterAid!!!  Here are a few photos of the night…



Competitive Swingball

As a ceilidh band we take rehearsing very seriously – unless the weather is nice and there’s a swing ball tournament to be had. 

So todays rehearsal went well, got covered what we needed to and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden… turns out Liz, the piper, or Whistling Wainright”, as her Swingball name is, has a killer instinct to win. 

“Scrapey Sean” (his Swingball name – it was all getting a bit silly at this point!), the violin player, bore the brunt of Liz’s brutal swingball skills and lost miserably. 

However “Mart the Bang”, percussionist, beat “Whistling Wainright” backhand – so she melted into a pile of goo.  Losing is not an option for Liz.

Hey ho, a good days work done by all 🙂

Recording last week

Last week we spent a day in studio recording our own compositions, some romping early music stuff and our ceilidh sets for us to listen to and pick out the good points and see if any better arrangements could be had.

What fun – but hard work!  I think a lot of us hadn’t used our brains quite so intensely for a long time for the hours it took, from 9.30am – 4.00pm!!!  Got a good 11 tracks from it though.  So hopefully we’ll get some clips of it up on the web soon.  Thanks goes to Adam the sound guy who was great.

Quentin gurding, John on accordion and Helen on fiddle.