Mrs B’s Cafe & Christmas

Mrs B’s excellent cafe’s website is now up and running.

We’ve been rehearsing for our Christmas Party on 23rd November which just involves a whole lot of playing and dancing (and rowdyness no doubt).  There’s a 7/8 tune to dance to.  I think the general consensus is that dancers will have to make this up themselves, with a bottle of wine prize for the most inventive dance moves – if we play this towards the end of the night maybe the odd rythyms won’t be noticed…

Sunday afternoon playing and good coffee!

Sunday afternoon saw us down at the Humber Bridge park area outside a friends cafe playing music for people doing the British Heart Foundation’s walk across the bridge.  

Shelly’s coffee is great as is the food and the surrounding countryside – there’s just something nice about playing outdoors.  Thanks to Tim Waters for the photographs.