Summer holidays

We had a hectic and enjoyable June and July with lots of ceilidhs and some band members playing at Beverley Festival and Chippenham Folk Festival for local dance teams and Q playing at the “Folk in Hull” night at the Adelphi in Hull.

A few of us are heading up for Whitby 21st August for the Folk Festival there then right back into the swing of things in September!

Session/workshop pictures

Emma, who’s playing bodhran in the session, brought her brother, Matthew Kitchen, along and he kindly took these photo’s of the French and early music session on 22nd June at the Beverley Folk Festival – thanks Matthew!

                                   Sunday morning session



French and early music workshop

We did a workshop/session on French and early music on Sunday morning at Beverley Folk Festival.  We had recorders, accordion, percussion and fiddle with Quentin on gurdy and pipes and me on shawm, we ran through Bear Dance, Branle l’Offical and the old favourite Horses Brawl then we did some French bourrées, a Morvan bourrée and Tricotada.

The session was full and we hopefully passed on some ideas and new tunes to those that went.

To finish with, John aired one of his own compositions (composed in France) and people spontaneously got up to dance – always a sign of a good tune!