Wedding Ceilidh at Staff House – University of Hull

Planning a wedding Ceilidh or barn dance at the Staff House at Hull University?

The Hessle Ceilidh band is the perfect alternative to a party band or DJ at Staff House. They make for a fantastic party as it is a great way to get families and friends to mix and meet, and importantly all age groups love to get involved. The faster dances provide quite an energetic work out whilst more relaxed romantic songs provide plenty of scope for slow dances (and a bit of a breather!)

Ceilidh’s at Staff House are ideal for all social events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties. They are particularly good ice breakers at weddings where people may be meeting for the first time. Ceilidh dancing can involve large or small groups of people and it is easy to pick up, experience is not required. The dances are pattern dances and may be done in lines, squares or circles. Many are progressive which means that couples change partners regularly during the dance.

The Hessle Ceilidh Band are East Yorkshire’s busiest professional Ceilidh band and have played at the Staff House on several occasions. They can help you make your special day at Staff House a memorable and joyful occasion. For further information call Quentin on 07877434739 or email:


Celebrations at Staff House

Planning a party or celebration at the University of Hull’s Staff House? Wondering what entertainment to book? Why not give the Hessle Ceilidh Band a call we’ve played at Staff house quite a few times and it really is a great space for a Wedding Ceilidh or family celebration.  Lots of room for dancing, socialising and of course great food.

To contact the band email:  or ring Pippa on 7891 590111.