Friend’s wedding

We did a wedding last night for two friends Helen and Gordon, in fact the sister of Liz our whistle player, it was a great do.  Eamon, the caller, really got the dancers going.

With it being, musically, a folky wedding, as both Helen and Gordon play, there was a session in the bar and a ceilidh in the next room, with guest spots in between dancing.  Sam Pirt on accordion and Richard on violin fair motored along with some music, while the buffet was consumed, which was brilliant.

Heather and Hannah, Helen’s nieces, played the first dance on flute and cello, a waltz composed by John our accordion player, with John accompanying. 

Then for the last dance along with the band, Sam, Richard, Bill, Anne, Carol, Laurie and the other session muscians (whose names escape me – sorry!), about 20 of us, played and everyone got up to dance!  What a great end to the night.